Scally Care

A bot of emotional support for relatives of cancer patients developed in collaboration with oncopsychologists.


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AI-powered customer care legal service for air passengers.


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Parking Around

Bringing into parking seamlessness, real-time occupancy information, parking rules enforcement and transparency.


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Сloud-based solution for early disease diagnosis using AI.


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Automation software for effective customer service and omnichannel communication on 3rd party platforms.


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Spacetech AI for metals, minerals and energy resources exploration.


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Transforming Customer Experience & Engagement with Voice-To-Text AI.


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Elomia Health

AI mental health chatbot therapist for people struggling with depression & anxiety.


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DEVS is a deep-tech company, streamlining building construction industry through design automation. 


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Reternum is a platform which allows restaurants to reduce packaging waste by 50% and foster customer loyalty through behavioural and habitual data. 


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SIML.ai is a platform for next-generation, extremely fast physics simulation using AI that helps engineers and scientists solve complex challenges in minutes. 


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Stacktape makes DevOps 97% easier, allowing developers to deploy applications to AWS entirely on their own. 


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Space scAvengers

Space scAvengers enable truly autonomous Space operations towards lower mission risk and cost reduction. 


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SIAT brings solution of gas leak detection technology to improve performance in the intelligent manufacturing space in order to save your money. 


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storePredictor is modeling customer behavior to cashflow forecasting, inventory automation and cost reduction up to 30% for your business. 


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Application enabling people to apply for a mortgage online.  


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Assistant that helps passengers while travelling via plane in real time.  


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Advanced AI verifying that people really are who they claim to be. 


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CompAct Estonia

AI-based toolkit that helps employees form sustainable behaviour habits. 


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e-Bike Check

A locking and charging system for e-bikes, driven by mobile app. 



Smart-lockers & mobile app for renting sport equipment.


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Decentralised bank for personal data ensuring their management and transparency.


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Utility smart meters wirelessly transmitting data from various energy suppliers.


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Feedback & Net Promoter Score service to help increase profits and Lifetime Value.


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AI-powered software for creating 3D objects from 2D images and videos.


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Data-based matchmaking B2B platform outsourcing IT specialists for IT companies.


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Social Impact Chatbots using AI to improve health, education, and environment through social intervention.


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Modern Mobility

Digital mobility systems helping communities to build their mobility ecosystems.


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Robotizing last-mile delivery segment processes by deploying autonomous robots.


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Smart & secure bicycle docking and charging stations.




A software company specialized in logistics. Trasportly´s first product is an application for road cargo carriers to manage their business in a simple workspace.


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Panza Robotics

A high-tech innovation company focused on the research and manufacturing of advanced robots that will make people’s life easier, safer, and more fulfilling.


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Nanodi is developing a disinfection device that uses carbon nanotechnology to give water disinfectant properties providing a more ecologic and economic solution.


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A radar-based IoT technology that measures the level of rivers and streams online anywhere in the world and sends alert messages.




Manualogic builds software tools for digital, interactive manuals that keep learning from end-users, who share their experience, tips, or knowledge.


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A software platform that uses machine vision and in-house developed and trained AI models to help cities, real estate developers, and many more with data-driven decisions.




A consumer-led crowdfunding platform helping consumers make companies more sustainable



Software technology startup specializing in battery lifecycle analytics and add-on applications and services.


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Edumus brings real-world experience to classrooms – a marketplace and platform which connects working professionals with schools.



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Fully digital headache clinic which offers remotely monitored treatment module by specialists.


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Online platform to manage health and safety processes effortlessly in an organization.


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Ender Turing

Ender Turing specializes in the development and implementation of speech recognition and generation technologies which give users the capability to instantly transcribe and analyze calls.


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Others offers natural plastic free toothpaste tablets which contributes to a greener and waste-free future.


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CEE Labs

Open energy consumption data platform for cities and citizens


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AgeVolt is a digital ecosystem consisting of smart EV charging points, a proprietary energy management system & a sharing ‘Airbnb style’ digital platform.


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SPEAR is a freeflow hydro powerplant that uses waving fins instead of propellers.


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e-Vision systems

A battery-advanced services company, which develops solutions, which enable batteries to work better, last longer, and be used more effectively.


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Livestock Insider aims to revolutionize the livestock farming industry and the way feed management is approached.


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An industrial robot self-maintenance system based on tribodiagnostics systems and an oil cleaning solution.


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GroundCom builds and operates a worldwide network of ground stations (antennas to control satellites) making the operation of small space satellites cheaper and downloading data from space faster.


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Makers developed a local energy management solution that cuts building’s bills and even generates profit by selling excess energy to the grid or other consumers.


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A patented technology to recycle fallen leaves into paper products.


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Airlogy Labs provides scientific analysis of air and surfaces that detect microbiological threats in interiors. They identify bacteria, yeast, fibrous fungi (molds) and help you eliminate them.


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Biotron is a data & analytics studio providing end-to-end data solutions to create and improve the products, services, and revenue streams of our clients.


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Buyora Solutions

Buyora is a platform in which we connect customers who need to buy in installments with financial institutions that want to help them with financing.


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For Small and Medium businesses, iERP provides precise and actionable forecasts with ZERO required knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning.


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We provide conference planners with a single platform – virtual venue & event app – which creates the real bridge between Virtual & Physical attendees.


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Nitroterra Technology

Changing Farming. Now. We set out to revolutionize the way biofertilizers are produced and used in the farming industry.


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Site Podium

A mobile application that enables effective two-way communication with the community.


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Tirn technology

Delivers professional consulting and development services for future mobility.


#Challenger Urban:Creative 2022

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The next generation of crosswalks. Safer pedestrians.


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Fleximodo brings high-precision and cost-effective IoT for sustainable & efficient parking.


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Digital Transformation of Product Innovation via AI Technologies.


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NESEDA is the first Slovak chair that respects the fact that it is not natural and healthy for the human body to sit in the same position for several hours.


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 Parktop’s smart technology connects to any CCTV camera and uses computer vision software to analyze the parking situation.


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The Powerex Virtual Power Plant platform enables real-time access to the energy market for the customers connected to our platform.


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