Challenger will accelerate green startups

Challenger will help startups to kick off their businesses and get investments for green technologies with the potential to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis.

The accelerator can help right from the start

Accelerator programs help startups with smoother market entry, customers and partners onboarding and after all, with attracting investors for further development,” explains Eva Šimeková, CEO of Civitta, a company helping innovation startups to kick-off their businesses.

Sensoneo also completed one of the Civitta programs in the past. “Civitta helped us to clarify crucial things. Although we had a functional product, validated by first customers, we were still at the beginning. We had to find the right business model, pricing strategy, to build up our team. These are the areas that are useful to be discussed with someone with perspective and experience,” recalls Martin Basila, founder, and CEO of Sensoneo.

Startups that participated in the Civitta accelerators have been already granted 700 mil € in investments.

Accelerator programs are able to keep up with the pace of innovation companies.“Decisions in these companies have to be made much faster than in the case of companies with organic growth. It is almost always certain that there are other innovative players operating in the field, who want to attract the same customers as you, and you have to be the one chosen,” adds Sensoneo CEO.

Challenger looks for the best “green technology“ startups

Civitta is launching a new accelerator program Challenger, open for startups dedicated to green innovation and technologies, which can curb climate change or mitigate its impacts.

“Challenger is intended for innovative companies with the potential to grow internationally and which contribute to the sustainability of cities while dealing with green technologies,” says Michal Laco from Civitta.

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