Challenger Startups 2020-21

What a night! Congrats to all our 7 startups for impressive presentations during the final Demo Day! More than 3,000 people watched our live stream across multiple platforms. Challenger #suistanability batch 2020/21 is over, but our mission to be the catalyst for the new economy is far from complete! Stay tuned as we will launch 3 more programs this year! Thanks to all speakers and jury members who joined us for this special evening. It was a real pleasure! 
Matúš ValloMartin Villig 🇪🇪Peter KomornikMichaela KrskovaEamonn CareyMirjana KroloMichal NesporRiivo Anton.

We are grateful to our partners who supported us during these difficult times and made the 5-month Challenger accelerator program 2020/21 possible!

Unicorn Partner: Swiss Re
Growth Partner: Microsoft
Seed Partners: Majerník & MihálikováZápadoslovenská energetika, a.s. – Skupina ZSESlovak Business Agency (SBA), SIH

The entire program was developed with Slovak American FoundationInterreg CENTRAL EUROPE ProgrammeClimate-KIC and Vienna Business Agency.

Main investment partner: CB Investment Management

Supporters: Bratislava – hlavné mesto SRBratislavský samosprávny kraj

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